“Stop foul language “

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4Following project proposes a creation and spreading an addition for mobile phones or smartphones ,with the help of which you can recognize four letters words, word combinations and idioms and can inform concerned persons about frequency of using four letters words.

Social meaning of this projects is in the reducing of frequency of using four letters words among children and teens .Use foul language in children’s ,teen’s and youth’s environment must become out of fashion ,four letters words must lose a romantic and an attractive halo.

There is no analogy to such device of communication at the moment.Take away from audio!!!

My dear friends!

Let me start with following , my mother Manko Kateryna Petrivna, the teacher with 30 years experience  of working in secondary school often mentioned the words of famous pedagogue Anton Semenovych  Makarenko ,who said that ,that there are no bad pupils-there are bad   teachers. Certainly, it’s true. But not all, but only a part.

I’ve just remembered the anecdote : “Why do you use four letters words almost after one regular word ? “- “ But I can’t use it more often!”

Is this funny ?

For us it’s not.

The problem of using foul language took the scale of epidemy. It’s worse ,the problem definitely became younger. But only couple of decades ago to hear four –letter words from the second-former girl with white bows it was impossible .But today nobody will be surprised about it.

The reason ,to our point of view ,is that parents can’t pay more time and attention to their own children even if they wish to do it because of the reality of todays life .Besides , the older generation ,which were real bearers of culture values, unfortunately, are almost gone.

Children seem to be alone –they are brought up by street , TV ,internet, where practically no attention is paid to its  purity .

The idea of creation of this addition finally was formed the 1-st of September 2013 ,when I ,by chance ,heard the talk of one nice girl with her friend who looked like second-former or third-former ,she was with white bows ,with schoolbag behind her back and with bunch of flowers ,when she  spoke with her  by phone  she uttered following : “F..k this school !I ‘ll be like fool again, f…ing learning at these lessons and get f…ing scolding after that from my old folks!

To our point of view  ,we can’t be more patient and we can’t delay it any more.

You can make the project of rebuilding the whole world ,you can invent “philosopher’s stone of happiness “for all mankind ,you can develop strategies of modernization of the whole country ,waiting for, when the life will become better ,and people –kinder, we decided to act here and now –extremely local y and extremely definite.

The addition “Stop foul language “  is installed by parents of a child to his or her own phone ,and it marks out four letters words which child uses in the process of communication and once in twenty four hours time in automatic mode , sends messages in which is recorded the number of four letter words used by his child in phone talks for the current day. Program just informs –upbringing suctions parents can choose by themselves.

Functions of program proposes following available adjustments

1.Automatic placing frequency of using four letters words in social networks of a child and his or her parents .

2.Talk interruption after using four letter words .

3.Reporting to interlocutors of a child ,that they communicate with foul-mouthed and ribald person.

4.Program also proposes the possibility of feedback : child can also learn how often do his parents use four letters words.

5.Other punishments

Except punishments you can have encouragements.

1.Public rating of  language purity

2.Presents and bonus by the results of the month ,term, year.

3.In the limits of implementation the project “Stop foul language “ initiative group proposes to initiate establishment of international day “Without four letter  words “ for Russia and Ukraine.