“The Union of pensioners ”If not we, but who? ”

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1The project supposes social awake  from the “down”-activation the most problematic and in the same time ,the most stable segment of Ukrainian society –pensioners.

With the help of an effective mechanism of self-organization pensioners from oppressed and depressed stratum for short period of time (approximately 6 month ) turn into the forefront of Ukrainian society , into socially active power ,which can effectively assert their own legal rights and force the state to fulfill their duties upon them.

 Financial mistake which were made by clerk of Pensioner’s Fund brought pensioner to life.

Whithin the basis of the project idea The Union of pensioners: If not we but who?” is the authors desire to force small bureaucracy (basically ,from distract or city areas) to react adequately for legal requests and demands of pensioners.

Such movement must have exceptionally apolitical socially direct vector of development .At the beginning of the project has local scale .It can be implemented in several region in one time .But at the second stage of implementation it can have nation wide scale and come above the limits of demanding  the rights only of this social group.

The way is simple .For beginning it needs the existence of initiative group from 5 to 10 middle aged people, who work for themselves (businessmen of small business and middle class businessmen and military pensioners) and independent or minimum dependent from the system of power or institutions of local government. Every capable member of initiative group has in his circle of communication from 2 till 14 friends or relatives of pensioner age. Those  who trust him. It means , circle of coverage of pensioners after creation o f the initiative group is about 50-70 people.

Next stage –involvement to work adequate lawyer of good level ,who can professionally and groundly to clarify the  problem ( in fact ,typical and unified )  for this circle of pensioners. Payment for lawyer  service at the first stage is 50 % payment of pensioners (1% of total sum of pension ) and  50 % payment of businessmen from this initiative group .After analyzing of the problem (about 1 month ) lawyer prepares appealing to corresponding institutions of district, city ,region area ,fulfillment those clearly regulated by existing  regulatory- juridical base and make  bureaucracy to follow the letter of law (advantages: the bigger part of pensioners –are not lawyers ,it’s hard for them to lay down their own legal demands ,that’s why it’s very easy to ignore  them by using illiteracy and trustfulness ) .With the help of lawyer it’s difficult to do .But one more trouble arises with lawyer :procrastination of the question ,endless writings, talking and others bureaucracy’s tricks ,which permit to slow down fulfillment till endless time.

Exactly on this stage the principal of Colt brings into the action  :it’s easy to persuade people by the word but with the help of  “Colt” it’s easier .In this case in the role of  “Colt” are pensioners  whose interests represents the lawyer .The authors of the projects understand that  the level of inertness of Ukrainian bureaucracies come to the endlessness. That’s why we far away of the thought that traditional acts of social protest (pickets, demonstrations) will be effective  , that’s why we propose you the way of   influence to bureaucracy

Endless resource of bureaucracy is indifference  ,the endless resource of pensioners is patience .

The first step is warning a bureaucracy of beginning little local war –not with all system ,but with individual ,who consciously slows down the fulfillment of the laws .Natural reaction of bureaucracy will be friendly smile and merry infectious laughter, the next day near the office ,where these respectful gentlemen works ,like clouds before thunder , pensioners are gathered silently ,without any demands ,not explaining the reason of coming. They give the last chance to bureaucracy brings him to his sense.(The authors of the project are sure  ,that by the time  bureaucracy will have conditional reflex ,but only with the time.

The next stage is conducting asymmetric ,but absolutely legal actions of protest –such as flash mob in social networks “We all will be there”, ”Voroshilov’s  rifleman” ,”Something wrong with the soul”, ”Water in the sieve “,”The voice of conscience “ and etc.

During the implementation of all mentioned actions the basic demand of protestants is the demand to quit the bureaucracy or vice  versa to promote him it depends of head bureaucracy .

The basic goal of this project is to force the state machine to fulfill all their functions and protection  the most painful members of society from a bureaucracy’s lawlessness and indifference.