Examples of use program “SMSSoS”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • There are situations that we personally, thanks to God, did not face to. But the statistics of accidents has not been canceled and no one is immune from it, unfortunately … One of these accidents is the kidnapping. With this application you have a chance to report on where you will be carried or where you will be, without attracting attention of kidnappers.You  don’t even have to take the phone in your hands, you can shake the bag in which it is located, or drop it on the floor.
  • This application can help your closest person. Evening.  Your closest man or woman comes back home. No one is immune from the possibility to be in a critical situation. Searching phone, unlocking, frantically searching  your room, trying to get through to explain where the person is … You may simply have no time for this. Especially if  searching can call negative development of situation, can provoke aggression. Our application will help you to send SMS-message without activating the phone, without  searching for a destination, without attracting too much attention. All you need is just to shake your phone or bag where it is. And then it all depends only on you, how quickly you will react to SMS-message, morover ,there will be coordinates of your closest person. We are sure that our application will increase the chances to avoid dangerous situations.
  • When a person in his old age feels bad or, even worse, he had a heart attack – it is very difficult to him to inform somebody about his own state … It is difficult to dial a number and it is practically impossible to talk on the phone … We recommend you to install a new application on your parents’s phones : they will simply shake the phone or, in extreme cases,will drop it on the floor. The phone itself will send you an alarm SMS-message.Now everything is in your hands.
  • Teens are always drawn to the “heroic” exploits with various usually negative consequences. For example, to play “stalkers”, climb to the territory of the old factory, a warehouse, an abandoned building, wells, etc. Even in this age, children often go hiking with an overnight stay for a few days, without notifying parents about their exact location. Our program will help to avoid the possible negative consequences of such “adventures in time!