Examples of use program “All OK”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • Can not you hear your own alarm clock in the morning and because of this constantly late for your job? Do you need a help of a friend who always gets up early and can wake you up by the call? Then this  application is for you! For example, you need to wake up after 8 hours. Set this time interval in the settings and when this time will up your phone gives you a signal (as an alarm-clock), and if you did not hear and did not respond for it, the software will automatically send SMS-message to your friend who  will call you and wake you up. It is not necessary every time in the evening to call to your friend asking him to wake you up in the morning. You can just once inform him about the availability and function of this program you have on your phone.
  • Eldery people often forget about the whereabouts of their mobile phone. This application will help them to find their phone! You just need to program the time (eg, 3:00) and the phone will vibrate or will give a signal (optional) every 3 hours. Time when the user is asleep, can be excluded from monitoring.
  • When parents live apart from their children, when health is not what it was 20 years ago, when the parents live separately from each other (each in his or her own apartment) it becomes particularly relevant for us kids to know how they feel, how was their day … But it is only the words … After all, to be honest  only few of us calling to their parents several times a day … We are busy … We  work … A mom and dad embarrassed to share  their problems with us …They are embarrassed to be a burden … Shy … Our application is not shy. Never! If the phone is not taken in hand and not used during the day for 5 hours – our application will remind your parents about the existence of the phone. It just reminds and nothing more. Well, if the parents do not respond, that’s when the phone sends You an alarming SMS-message containing the coordinates. Next it’s up to you to  decide: to call your parents or go immediately. But you have been warned. Maybe your parents just had a sound sleep and did not hear the phone (God forbids!). In this case, you will just drink tea and you will chat with your parents, you will tell them about  grandchildren and you will make an unscheduled courtesy visit. Parents will be pleased. Set them  our application and you’ll always be on time and most welcome. Love your parents. That is right.
  • When a person is treated at home or recovering person undergoing reabilitation at home it is very important that relatives could respond quickly to the worsening of his condition or loss of consciousness. If a person does not touch the phone for some time and does not respond to an alarming calls and vibration – an alarming SMS-message  goes to the closest persons. Everything is in your hands. Call, come, do something. What exactly ,it’s up to you to decide. But we are ready to help.