Examples of use program “Call mom”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • This application is for those people who believe in the signs of destiny. How it fabulously sounds, there are a lot of us deeply in our souls.There are not only the contacts of friends and parents, but also contacts of people with whom we generally saw only a few times in our life in our mobile phone address book. With the help of this program comes a coincidence or the same sign.May be that person who lights up on your mobile phone screen as a reminder that you have not called him, can really help you by the word or action specifically in your situation. Can we check it?
  • The older you get  more fuss and worries you have . And  there are  people with whom you had had the opportunity to communicate frequently , you knew their problems and participated in solving these problems , these people trusted you much. Perhaps,is it difficult  for you to list these people now?You need this program to do this ! It will remind you about the people that you have not called.Cut a minute of your  precious time and find out what’s up with these people. Because, ” we are responsible for those who were tamed  by us” …
  • This program is a direct rival of social networks , blogs and chat rooms ! Remember a time when the older generation complain that talk on a cell phone replaced live chat , and now , in our time , young people used to typing on the keyboard , and do not talk ! When the screen of your phone suddenly shows the name of your friend or acquaintance , the hand itself will attract press ” call ” , because , you see, that to hear the voice and see the printed text there are two big differences !
  • The modern world makes us to enter more new numbers and contacts into our phonebooks . After some time, you can not clearly remember to whom and when and why you called . Our application will help you to remind regularly to whom you have not called. Next it’s up to you to decide.
  • While whatching social advertisements you suddenly  remember  that, in fact, you need to call your mom ! But it’s late, Mom is certainly resting…  you put off until tomorrow . Tomorrow begins with a wake-up call and rattling rhythm “today” which holds you all day. Our application will regularly remind you to whom you forgot to call yesterday. Maybe ,there will be people who close to you in this list . And you call them … ! And you call earlier than you are going to. We are sure they will be happy !