Examples of use program “Don’t lout!”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • This mini recorder with awesome capabilities and it is easy in use can help you in family life! “When lovers argue is just a fun.” Unfortunately, it’s not happens like this. Often, in a rush of emotion, or under the influence of alcohol ( to our regret, this problem is very relevant in our world), you can tell a lot of  bad things which you will not remember the next day. Recording will be send on your e-mail. This application will help you to remember and to analyze such situation in your family and to prevent it in the future.
  • Children often have problems in school, and parents  do not even know about them. By installing this application on  your child’s phone, you may be aware of what it is happening. It’s very simple! If someone raises his voice on your child, on the contrary, he raiseses  voice to someone an automatic recording of sound will be activated and automatically will send the file to your e-mail address. Thus, you will know about all the problematic situations and you can help your child to understand them.
  • Each of us is faced to a situation in life when we had been unfairly humiliated whithout any reason by our side. Someone had it at work, someone had it in the public transport, someone had been humiliated by local authorities, someone by  militia, someone just in the hospital. No one is immune from this. Unfortunately. But! If you install on your phone our application you will have a chance to restore justice. The application automatically, absolutely without your participation, will record the  raising voice  to your recorder and send the audio file to your e-mail. At home, in a quiet atmosphere, you will understand what you need to do. Even if somebody took away your phone – record will still be on your e-mail. You do not need to unlock the phone, to turn on the recorder, to form a file, to enter the e-mail, to send. You’ll be ready for any ways of rudeness by simply installing our application and configure it by your own taste. We do only the applications that we use by ourselves.
  • Do you know that a small but reliable friend lives in your mobile. You need just to raise your voice and it will begin to write and to send audio files on your e-mail. It will hear you. And you can help it as well – grab it and the recording will be more clear. No one knows except you that you are protected. You did not press, did not turn on, did not send. Our application has made all this. When someone is rude to you whithout raising his voice, mocking on you quietly but harshly – do not despair. Raise your voice on a second! That will be enough to restore justice.
  • There are people who can not hear well among us. They are deaf. Unfortunately, many people allow themselves to be cruel and cynical as well to these people, especially when they think that they will have nothing for this actions. Deaf person just does not hear the insults. Rude person, with his moral inferiority, wasn’t punished. So it was. With the help of our application, we believe, it will no tbe like this any more. Now deaf person is partially protected. Application  will react to the increasing  noise, shouting and rudeness, discreetly will record audio and send it to your e-mail. Next – everyone decides by himself, to leave rudeness on the conscience of a moral monster or to restore justice. Imagine a slightly different situation where deaf or hard –hearing person did not quite understand what he was told. Turning on the recorder is not possible, because they all can stop talking (eg, police, hospital or authority). In this case our application can help as well: you can just quietly take the phone into your hand and gently tap your finger on the microphone, it will be enough that application will be intensified by itself and will record audiofile and will send it to your email. At home, in a relaxed atmosphere you with the help of your friends can understand how sincere were those people who talked during the file recording.