Examples of use program “How do you do?”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • First of all, this program is for our parents who, in spite of our adulthood, still consider us little boys and girls. They are constantly worried about us and worry when we do not answer to their phone calls. The reasons may be quite commonplace. For example: you are in a shower, you was summoned to the boss , you forgot the phone at work or vice versa, at home. If parents  called us several times, and we could not answer the call, they will receive an SMS-message with the phone location. In my opinion, this greatly simplifies the situation.
  • Mistrust, betrayal, lies … It’s very sad, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon in family life. By installing this application on your phone and on the phone of your wife or husband , it is certainly unlikely will save your relationship from infidelity or cheating, but ,in any case, it will be an incentive that it would be an answer on your phone call . After all, if you call a few times and it will be no results, you will receive an SMS-message  with the coordinates of your honey.
  • Quite by chance we can leave or forget your cell phone somewhere. You call to your own number, hooters go. But you can’t hear the call nearby. We are in a panic! May be, it was stolen? And if it was stolen, then why the phone is still working? That’s when the application “How do you do?” is very useful for us . In fact, after several unanswered calls we receive SMS-message  with mobile phone location coordinates. You will be pleased to know that our moby, for example, was left in the office or at our friend’s house.
  • We all have friends. Everybody has. It happens so that after a hard day you have set your phone into silent mode and forgot about it. It happens! And your friends are looking for you and are worring about you. Our application will slightly reduce the level of anxiety of this situation and will help to save your nerves! Your friends can just show the lowest persistence, they can call several times – and that’s it! Our application will inform by itself  those whom you trust about where exactly you are: at home, in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere, or you relax in the club drinking  your favourite cocktail under the roar of music. Next it’s up to  your friends to decide:to go to you and make you a company or with a clear conscience to leave you alone, realizing that you are OK.
  • Installing a new application on your child’s phone, you can always know exactly where he is and what happened to him. Calling several times, in return you will receive an SMS-message with the location coordinates of the phone. Nextit’s up to you to decide. But you have been warned and advised of, and that’s why you are cool and can make decisions on the “cool head.”
  • Deaf person can not hear the phone ring. It’s a fact. Our application will help relatives and friends always to know where is the man and what happened to him. Just call a few times and that’s it. In return you will receive a SMS-message with location coordinates of the phone. Next it’s up toyou to decide.