Examples of use program “Lull”

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While working on the creation of this application, we, the developers, had more and more new application fields. We asked people who took part in testing applications to write what kind of applications of the  program being developed for them are  the most attractive and important. That’s what came out of it:

  • Unfortunately, you do not always have the opportunity to enjoy maternity leave and to be constantly with your little miracle. That’s why you have to take the help of grandparents or babysitting. It’s definitely a stress for a child! But our application certainly helps! After hearing a familiar melody and voice of parents, the baby will feel secure and be able to adapt more quickly to new events in his life. Well, of course, a big plus that parents will always be aware of the mood of your baby via SMS-message.
  • Baby’s sleep in the fresh air while you are walking – it’s great health! So at this moment you want the same to walk through the park and to relax a bit from the hustle home, to walk with friends, to eat ice cream at a local cafe. Instead, we often have to frantically cradled our baby, to swing the stroller, to sing songs, to make him to sleep. In this situation, the application will come to help you! Just put your mobile phone in the stroller and turn on his favorite nature sounds, melodies or your pre-recorded and so dear to him voice. Kid himself without realizing it, reflexively begins to fall asleep and gains strength. We guarantee that the walk will bring pleasure and benefit to you both!
  • Working  day is almost over … But in the modern world it is “almost” means that you  have something to finish at home as well. A little miracle – a favorite child is waiting for you at home. For example, he has teething. Our application will help to keep baby’s sleep and to give you the opportunity to concentrate on your work. Just put the phone next to the bed. Next it is our problem! Application independently and regularly measures the noise level in the room and from the first second of crying it starts to play calming lullaby melody (of your choice and experience). We, like you, just know that if you just have time to start humming a lullaby, the baby will continue to sleep. This application we made one of the first! It really helped in the creation of others.
  • Your child is peacefully sleeping in the next room. Telephone sensitively awake to guard the baby sleep. You are working  ,like we are, on the computer. If your phone with our application can not cope and the child continues to whine or cry. You’ll know about it via e-mail or via a second phone almost imediately. Let’s be honest, none of the mobile application, neither device can not replace parents. Our application will tell you just when it’s needed your presence next to the baby!
  • For example, you went to visit your parents or friends with your little miracle. It’s time to put him to bed, because the shcedule is the basic thing, but there is no usual conditions to the baby, there are no favorite toys, it’s not his bed.Let’s ,at least ,next to it will be familiar voice sounds and parents! Our application will help you with this. Having laid the baby to sleep, you can safely continue to communicate with the people you love. Our application will help your phone to protect your baby sleep and just to inform you if it can not cope with the task sending  SMS-message or alternatively e-mail on the second phone of one of the parents.