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All is simple!

The program helps to know whom you rarely call. In this list may be people who are close to you. Call them. Keep in touch with those who you care about. That’s why to the words of Ova Strandberg «Connecting People», we can add only one word “Regularly”.

 Functional features:

  • program works  off-line;
  • economical  battery consumption;
  • works as a widget;
  • push-notice actuation is provided;
  • customizable widget refresh rate;
  • it is possible to exclude office contacts and customer services from the list;
  • starts automatically after turning on the device;
  • From my point of view there is no analogues of a such functional device.

Also remember: the smart phone is the friend of the person! At least, we think so! With our program your smart phone becomes the friend for your relatives.

Available on Play Market