Don’t lout!

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This program is sent to the audit in Apple Store 25.01.2014 at 10:00

All is simple!

The program contributes to the restoration of justice. If somebody raised his or her voice on you or you were got nasty, insulted or humiliated – from the very first seconds, the automatic recording of sound is turning on and the sound file is submitted to an indicated in the program settings e-mail.

“The calmness and just calmness,” said Carlson. That’s what I recommend to all of us to be more tolerant.

Functional features:

  • when creating the program were taken into account the needs of people with hearing and speech disorders;
  • you can start recording by yourself by loud clap o or by causing noise;
  • for program activity it is not necessary to take out phone from  the case;
  • to operate the  recording function you do not need to unlock the device;
  • you do not have to run a recorder feverishly;
  •  you do not need to fear that the rude man will go unpunished;
  • vibration of a mobile device is a confirmation to start recording;
  • even if somebody took away your mobile device – you will have a record of the circumstances under which it occurred on your e-mail;
  • From my point of view there is no analogues of a such functional device.

 Also remember: the smart phone is the friend of the person! At least, I think so! Now, you’re not alone when somebody are rude to you, the witness is always with you.