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All is simple!

The program helps to your friends, the family to find you if you after work, rest in club, or, on the contrary: to understand that you peacefully sleep at home. For this purpose it is enough to show perseverance and to call on your phone some times. The program will detect the ambient noise level and in response will be sent to one of the SMS- message with a pre-defined test, which, besides, will contain the geographic coordinates.

As the proverb says: “Who searches – he always finds”.

Functional features:

  • program can work  off-line;
  • when creating the program were taken into account the needs of people with hearing and speech disorders;
  • the number of missed calls is configured in the program;
  •  to operate the program you do not need to unlock the device;
  • program operating time can be chosen in options;
  •  vibration of a mobile device is a confirmation of sending SMS- messages;
  • SMS- message contains the geographical coordinates  of the sender  location;
  • If there are available required location maps on the recipient’s phone SMS- message of the sender will be displayed without the Internet;
  • SMS-massages which were sent are stored in the phone memory;
  • automatic activation (program starting) after a reboot or turning on a phone;
  • economical battery consumption;
  • coordinates are determined, even if GPS is turned off. However, to obtain more accurate results, it is recommended to have GPS when you use this application.

 Also remember: the smart phone is the friend of the person! At least, we think so!  You will have for one friend more, with the help of this program.

Available on Play Market