«АнтиСНІД. Життя продовжується.»

“Anti AIDS. Life is still going on.”


The  Project supposes the creation of a model agency  ,the models of which will be HIV-infected people.

The  Project  proposes to pay attention of society to the problem of spreading HIV-infection .

All are equal facing AIDS and death as well. And people who suffer from this disease the same like we are . We don’t need to be afraid of them like leprous people

For the first six month of  2013 10 723 new cases of HIV-infection were recorded ( 1 865 children under 14 among them)

Ukraine still takes a leading part in furious pace of spreading HIV-infection .According to  UAIDS experts 1 % of population of Ukraine has : HIV-infection .And only every second knows about his or her diagnose. »