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All is simple!

The program helps you and your child to have a full night’s sleep. You can just select the melody and keep the phone close to the child, and … that’s it! Program independently and regularly measures the noise level. If necessary, it activates the selected tone, which brings back the child restful sleep – that is lullabies. If this does not work and the child continues to cry the program will notify you or the wife (husband) via SMS or e-mail.

Another important advantage is that you do not need to run constantly to check a child’s dream.

“Take care of your children’s tears … ” Pythagoras wrote, and we will help you with this.

Functional features:

  • it takes into account the needs of people with a hearing disorder. Especially actually for families, where parents have  hearing problems;
  • works without Internet connection;
  • melody sound and gradually increases as smooth finishes (max volume to 25 %); (max volume to 25 %);
  • If you call it does not wake the child (max. volume to 25 %);
  • program works even at locked phone;
  • a wide selection of melodies, songs, nature sounds;
  • there is a capability to record a voice of parents;
  • availability of author’s lullabies;
  • parents notification via SMS or e-mail;
  • economical use of batteries (measuring goes every 5 seconds);
  • рrogram determines not only crying but snoring as well;
  • from my point of view there is no analogues of a such functional device.

 Also remember: the smart phone is the friend of the person! At least, we think so!