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This column includes materials that have been created by a team of the website “Lissova Slobidka”. At different times, for different purposes, with different objectives and partners, but with a common dream – to make the world better. Unfortunately, all the projects presented in this section have not been implemented. We were disappointed by that. But we have the courage to admit – we have failed. May be there are bright minds among the readers of the site and our experience will be helpful for them, patterns s and approaches which we implemented in unrealized projects will be useful for them as well, and it will be a little bit easier for them to create something their own studying our materials, and who (we believe!) make the world better. With respect and hope the team of authors.

The project «123»

Мистецький проект три долі


Ідеологія ХДС

Система рейтингу (універсальна)

Толока. Електронний уряд