“Anti AIDS. Life is still going on.”

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The  Project supposes the creation of a model agency  ,the models of which will be HIV-infected people.

The  Project  proposes to pay attention of society to the problem of spreading HIV-infection .

All are equal facing AIDS and death as well. And people who suffer from this disease the same like we are . We don’t need to be afraid of them like leprous people

For the first six month of  2013 10 723 new cases of HIV-infection were recorded ( 1 865 children under 14 among them)

Ukraine still takes a leading part in furious pace of spreading HIV-infection .According to  UAIDS experts 1 % of population of Ukraine has : HIV-infection .And only every second knows about his or her diagnose.

Due to statistics, since 2008 Ukrainians more often were infected by unprotected sexual contacts. If in 2005 33 % of people were infected HIV through  sexual contacts , but in 2012 this percentage had risen to 51 %.

Firstly, in major part of new cases of transmitting HIV-infection was occurred by unprotected sexual contacts!

To add about it, today in Ukraine the bigger part of cases of HIV – infection are recorded in young people to 25 ! (Follow the dates of Olena Franchuk Fund http://www.antiaids.org/ru/7147)

As we see, the basic way of infection HIV-infection is sexual way.The basic thing of sexual attraction is outer attraction of partner .This is the case when the beauty does not “save the world”,

But helps to spread trouble.

It means, the beauty should save it !

 We propose to create a model agency, the models of which will be HIV-infected young people . Those who didn’t give up, who are not depressed , who wants and can warn young people not doing a fatal mistake.

Every agency of models it’s, first of all, big business. Money, which we’ll get when agency will work, we propose to give to  Olena Franchuk Fund or any other organization, which actively struggle with spreading of HIV-infection and which deals  with its preventive measures and preventing in Ukraine.