“No choice:1680 hours”

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The project supposes to conduct a social experiment  ,in which  TV persons voluntarily agree to live during one week in conditions in which hearing-impaired persons live.

During the experiment 5 documentary movies will be filmed-about the life of every participant of experiment.

The project directs to socialization of hearing-impaired persons. 

How is it – not knowing, how does sea make noise? Don’t hear the rain out of the window, don’t know how your child cries or says the first word  “mummy”!To live in constant silence.

To our point of view, it’s fearful and unfair!

In the world of progress the problem of deafness is very big, approximately 10 % of  total population of our planet have one or another problems with hearing in the whole world . 500 million of people are existed without valuable communication! But they live, the same like we do – they born and die , smile and cry , feel glad and feel sad.

We can forcibly dive into the world of silence .You just close your ears. But it is not so .We have a choice : to hear or not.They don’t have any choice!

We propose to your attention the project “No choice: 1680 hours”

We want to propose to 5 public people : actors, sportsmen, politicians voluntarily to dive in the world of silence for two weeks. To go to work , to cook, to do home tasks  with his or her children, to conduct absolutely usual way of life – but in constant silence.

During the experiment are supposed that 5 documentary movies will be filmed, which, to our point of view, will help good hearing people to understand, how difficult the life of hearing-impaired persons. Perhaps, in such way we’ll help to destroy the wall of disposal, in which, unfortunately, the world of good hearing people often protect themselves of hearing-impaired persons problems. But we are absolutely the same .1680- it  exactly an amount of  hours which 5 people will spend in “the world of silence” during two weeks.

Let us help each other to understand , that we are MEN.