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We believe that the site  “Forest outskirts ” will become the territory of comfort , where every visitor will be able to read the social initiatives and projects  of our team or to join to their implementation or use the results of practical implementation .

The site contains the describing part of implementated projects and has long-term plans for the future. The main purpose of the our site we see in starting the creation and implementation of innovation and inventions that make the world  kinder. Our portfolio may be as example to follow.

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AB OVO (Beginning)

It’s very  sad to realize, but for the recent years, the basic feeling, honestly, became fear.

I’m talking about myself, I don’t know about others.

It took me many years, dozens of written programs, dozens of adressings to bureaucracy , to deputies ; hundreds of meetings to understand : nobody has interest without clear political advantages or financial reward to implement socially important projects.

Power changes in the state, presidents and deputies, governors and mayors are gone to nonexistence, but the answers to socially important initiations remain the same : ”Just leave it –we’ll think about it”, ”Yes, it’s very interesting, but later”, “Thank you, but not now” etc.

It’s very painful to realize, that for implementation a number of social projects,with which you can familiarize with at our information resource, we should spend years, lose faith in any power and start to fear.

To fear no about myself nor for my family.

To fear to lose faith in your own power.

Maybe, I became older. Recently, the biggest part of projects, inventions and social initiations, which were worked out,it was better to implement in such way that to get, besides it, some financial reward. I clearly understand,that it was no difference between  that people whom I visited and me. I was refused, and wrote new one, went again and was refused.

I sincerely thank them all for that. Due to all these refuses I understood the main thing : It’s impossible to change the world to better life without  changing yourself. I don’t want to say, that I became better even now, but this way I began. I began with the thing that I abandoned vanity.

Information resource which is proposed to your attention consists in its content description of social ideas, projects, inventions to implement them .I invite to take part everybody, who, the same like me, came to the conclusion :YOU NEED TO BEGIN WITH YOURSELF!

Yurii Fedorenko